How Does the Compass Solar 0% Financing Program Work?

Solar panels, which provide clean energy for decades, are an excellent long-term investment that generate substantial returns (ROI) over time.

The reality, though, is that solar panels do come with an extensive up-front price tag for the raw materials and installation. The savings, in contrast, accrue slowly over years of use, so many property owners are understandably concerned with the initial sum of money they must put into their systems.

That’s where Compass Solar’s 0% down policy comes into play. Here, we’ll discuss how our no-money-down financing option works, why you should consider it, and how to get started.

How Does the 0% Down Compass Solar Program Work?

For our customers who have good credit scores, we offer loan programs to immediately install solar panel systems without absolutely no money required upfront.

In addition to initiating installation with no money down, we also offer extremely low interest rates in the range of 0-0.49% APR – so you won’t pay out of the nose on interest like you might with loans for cars or houses.

For example, contrast our solar panels’ 0-0.49% APR with the 4.09% industry average APR for 30-year fixed home mortgages, and you’ll see how much financial sense a low-interest, 0% down solar panel investment makes.

What Ongoing Financial Benefits Do Solar Panels Provide? 

Solar panels aren’t just long-term investments that add value to your property; you begin to reap their financial benefits immediately after successful installation.

Once your solar system is up and running, your monthly payments will pay for themselves (and then some) with 70% average reductions in monthly energy costs. You will likely, in many circumstances, in fact, make money by selling your unused excess energy back to the electrical grid if you’re hooked in.  

To learn more about how to finance your solar panels for 0% down and the benefits of our programs, have a look at our guides for homeowners and business owners, respectively:

Why Invest in Solar Panels With Compass Solar With 0% Down Financing?

As we briefly mentioned earlier, solar panel systems are ideal investment vehicles. Here’s why:

  • Solar panels consistently outperform other investment vehicles, including stock market investments, with none of the associated risks (Compass Solar panel systems are protected by warranty). Check out our breakdown of how solar systems compare to other popular investments.
  • Both the state of Florida and the federal government offer generous tax incentive programs to property owners who install solar panel systems.
  • The cost savings associated with solar panels will likely continue to increase along with rising energy costs for more conventional sources like natural gas and electricity.

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0% Financing is just one of the many top reasons to go solar. We’re always happy to discuss the other advantages of solar panel systems, or to answer any additional questions you might have about our products or services.

If you live in the wider Northwest Florida area and are interested in adding value to your home, saving money on energy costs, and protecting the environment with our Earth-friendly solar panels, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our expert staff is available to offer a no-pressure estimate to get started constructing your own solar panel system in your home or office.