Ground Mount Solar Installations

Ground mounted systems can be used in commercial builds when installing solar on a rooftop is not an option or if there is a need to generate more solar energy than what you can fit on your roof. Ground mounted systems comprise of solar panels that are held in place by racks or frames that are attached to ground-based mounting supports. At Compass Solar, we have installed ground mounted systems in place such as Whiting Field and the Central Alabama Electric Coop.

Ground mounted solar panel systems come in two different types:


Standard Ground Mount

Standard ground mount systems are installed at a fixed angle with metal framing positioned into the ground to hold it in place.  To adjust to seasonal shift of the sun, some ground-mounted solar panel systems can be adjusted at a different angle for maximum solar efficiency. 

Pole Mounted Solar Systems

Pole mounted solar systems are elevated higher off the ground than standard ground mounts and hold numerous solar panels on a single pole. Unlike standard ground mounts that have to be manually adjusted, pole mounted solar systems can have tracking systems installed for an additional fee that tilt automatically to  catch as much sunshine as possible.