Solar Repairs & Maintenance

Perhaps you’re considering solar energy as an option or have already decided to make the switch and are searching for the right partner to bring your solar vision to life. Compass is here to help!

Compass Solar Energy provides comprehensive services to ensure your solar energy system operates reliably and efficiently.

Your choice of installer will impact your financial investment and the quality of the products installed. Opting for a cheaper system may result in frequent repairs, whereas a high-quality product will require less maintenance. It’s essential to choose an installer who stands behind their work and provides timely repairs when necessary. With Compass Solar Energy, you can trust that you’ll receive a top-quality system backed by an affordable and comprehensive maintenance package.

Our maintenance services cover solar panels from all manufacturers.

At Compass Solar, our team of certified and trained experts is available to assist with your repair and maintenance needs.

Unlike a majority of solar companies that hire out of state contractors, our service department is all in-house and made up of local experts. We are one of the only solar companies in the area that has a dedicated service department that only handles service calls. When it comes to entrusting your solar needs, there’s no better team to rely on than the experts at Compass Solar.

Can I do my own solar panel repairs?

While attempting DIY solar repairs may seem like an option, it can potentially cause more damage and result in wasted time and money.

It’s best to monitor your system’s performance and contact us if you notice any issues to avoid further complications.

At Compass Solar, we provide solar panel repair services. Our team of experts will conduct an assessment and determine the most effective course of action to resolve the issue.

Solar panels that are installed properly can have a long lifespan and are typically resilient against damage from weather conditions. However, as systems age, the tubes within them may become compromised. If these faulty tubes fail while a heat pump is moving water to the roof, it can result in water pooling on the roof. At Compass Solar, we can assist with identifying and resolving such issues to ensure the longevity and functionality of your solar panel system.

Home in Lynn Haven FL with Solar Panels installed
At Compass Solar, we know there may be instances where you’re unhappy with a solar installation that a company did. No matter who did the installation, we’re here to help to make sure your system is in tip-top shape. 

Our team is equipped to handle all the electrical aspects of your solar energy system, such as:

  • The actuators responsible for optimizing your panels’ sun exposure
  • The electronics powering solar pool heating, hot water, and solar electric systems
  • The sensors regulating your water tank’s temperature and performance.
Solar pool maintenance and repairs are also among the many services we offer at Compass Solar.

Reputable pump manufacturers offer repair services, but you can trust Compass Solar to provide expert guidance on whether to repair or replace your system to make sure you can enjoy your pool 12 months out of the year. 

Rely on Compass Solar for prompt and precise services to ensure your solar system is running at its peak performance.

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