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The average price of modern solar panels is more than 100 times lower than what they cost back in 1976. This massive reduction is mostly thanks to innovations in solar technology. Improved materials and overall quality have made solar photovoltaic (PV) panels more affordable.

What’s more, solar energy generated by PV panels now often costs less than fossil fuel energy.

These are all good enough reasons to consider making the switch to solar. However, it’s also crucial to ensure that you choose the right provider when you do go solar. This way, you can be certain not only of the quality of the solar panels but also of the service itself.

To that end, we’ve listed some of the critical steps to take when choosing a Mexico Beach solar company.

Go With a Solar Company That Will Help You Qualify for Tax Credits

The federal solar tax credit is a nationwide incentive for homeowners and businesses. At first, it was set to expire back in 2006, but several extensions took place right after. It’s still going on, although, for this year, the credit has gone down to 26% (from the original 30%).

With that said, if you install your solar energy system by December 31, 2020, you can still qualify for the credit. You can enjoy the 26% incentive so long as you commence the installation before 2020 ends.

However, Mexico Beach homeowners who get their system set up next year will only get a 22% tax incentive. After December 31, 2021, there will be no more credits for home solar installations. Unless, of course, the federal government issues a new extension.

Since there is no news of extensions yet, it’s best to consider getting yours as soon as you can. If possible, you should hire a solar energy company to install your PV panels before the end of this year. This way, they can help you secure the 26% tax credit, instead of just 22%.

Ensure the Company Will Help You Meet the Requirements for Net Metering

Mexico Beach homeowners enjoy an average of 242 sunny days each year. That’s an extra month of sun-filled days compared to the rest of the US!

As it’s almost always sunny here, solar panels in Mexico Beach tend to generate a lot of power. In some cases, the solar energy they produce exceeds what most homeowners need.

Fortunately, that excess doesn’t go to waste in the city, thanks to its net metering scheme. With this program, any surplus solar energy gets sent to a connected utility grid. The utility company then credits the solar PV owner for every extra kilowatt they send to the grid.

The more of this “excess” your solar panel system generates, the more credits you’ll get. You can then use these credits to further reduce your electricity bills.

Keep in mind that net metering is a Florida-wide regulatory policy. So, all residents of the state, including those in Mexico Beach, can apply for it. Note, however, that each electricity company has its own net metering requirements.

In Mexico Beach, two of the electric companies that offer net metering is Gulf Power and Duke Energy.

While net metering sounds pretty straightforward, the requirements can be a bit confusing. So, before you hire a solar company, ask them how they will help you take advantage of the scheme.

reputable solar panel provider should handle most of the legwork for you. They should work with your utility provider to confirm the net metering requirements. From here, the solar company should make sure your system satisfies all requirements.

Make Sure the Panels You Buy Have a Sales Tax Exemption

In Mexico Beach, the total sales tax rate sits at 7%. 6% of that is the state-implemented tax rate, while the other 1% is the one enforced by the local government. This rate applies to all taxable goods or services that the city’s residents purchase.

Fortunately, there’s a sales tax exemption on solar panels purchased in Florida. Meaning, if you buy your PV modules from a legit solar firm, you get to save what you’d otherwise pay for sales tax. That’s why it’s crucial to choose only a licensed solar panel company in Mexico Beach.

Opt for a Mexico Beach Solar Panel Provider Offering Financing Programs

While the price of solar has no doubt plummeted, the initial purchase cost is still high. According to the website Home Advisor, the nationwide average cost ranges from $16,500 to over $30,000.

Keep in mind, however, that this price often doesn’t include the federal tax credit yet. Also, it’s possible for homeowners to shell out less, as the cost depends on the size of the system.

Even if your solar energy system will only cost you $10,000, that’s still a lot of money to spend in one go.

If you think your budget won’t cut it, don’t worry: you have low-cost solar financing options. Not all solar panel companies may offer this, though, so be sure to ask before you hire an installer.  

Solar financing is like an auto loan, except that it would be for your solar panel installation. Moreover, if you qualify, your loan could be enough to cover the entire system.

Repayments usually involve low monthly payments. They’re low enough that your energy savings will still be higher. Plus, financing lets you buy the panels outright, so you can still qualify for the federal tax credit.

Compass Solar Can Deliver All Your Solar Energy Needs in Mexico Beach

There you have it, the most crucial factors to consider when you hire a solar energy company in Mexico Beach. What you want is to choose a company who can help you maximize your energy savings. At the same time, you’d want to stick to a provider who can help you get those panels installed ASAP.

That’s where our team here at Compass Solar comes into play. We can help you get those high-quality solar panels installed in your Mexico Beach home. Get in touch with us now to learn more about our services as well as our solar financing options.

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