Why Compass Solar is Your Best Lynn Haven Solar Option

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take advantage of the beautiful sun in Lynn Haven to power your home?

Well, you can! Today, studies show that the benefits of solar power finally outweigh the initial costs. In recent years, the cost of solar power has dropped considerably. What’s more, the cost of solar system installation continues to fall as each year passes.

Now, the right Lynn Haven solar companies can help you create a more eco-friendly home and keep more money in your pocket. Accordingly, there’s never been a better time to invest in residential or commercial solar power.

To learn about the best Lynn Haven solar company, keep reading.

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Going Green Pays Off

In addition to helping Mother Nature, you can also put extra green in your pocket with solar power. The following are examples of how you can save or make money with solar power systems.

Solar Energy Tax Exemptions

In 2020, you can receive a 26% federal solar investment tax credit. In 2021, however, the tax credit will drop to 22%.

If you want to claim the tax credit, now is a good time. As things stand, the government plans to phase out the tax credit program in 2022. For now, you can claim the exemption using IRS form 5695 and the standard 1040 form when you file your yearly taxes.

Solar Energy Net Metering

You can also make money with net metering if you have a solar power system. Sometimes, you’ll produce more electricity than you need. When this happens, you can sell your extra power to the electric company.

You can receive payment in the form of a credit to your utility bill. This payment will further reduce your energy costs. During the best months, you’ll have free energy—and might even make a profit. You need to apply with your local utility company to see if your property is eligible to participate in the net metering program.

The Best Solar Companies in Lynn Haven

If you’re going to take advantage of net metering in Lynn Haven, two companies stand out. Historically, Escambia River Electric Cooperative pays about $0.03371 per kW hour for excess energy. The power supplier accepts residential participants that produce less than 25 kW per hour and non-residential participants that generate less than 50 kW per hour.

Gulf Power is another great supplier to work with if you want to participate in a net metering program. They credit your account at the end of the calendar year based on the company’s savings from net metering.

Choosing the Best Lynn Haven Solar Installation Company

Your Lynn Haven solar system is only as good as the professional that you choose for installation. Accordingly, you’ll want to shop around.

You want to take advantage of sustainable energy. However, you also need reliable power.

The wrong installer can leave you with major problems. For example, you may find that subpar work can lead to faulty wiring or a leaky roof.

To enjoy the full benefits of going green, check on a company’s certification. Also, look into their previous work.

You can check on a solar company’s certification through a national association. For example, the National American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) sets the standard for solar installation. You can check with NABCEP to see if a potential installer is accredited.

Also, check installers’ online reviews. Online reviews are a great way to find out if an installer does a good job.

If you’re in the market for a solar power system, start with Compass Solar Energy. The company is one of the best solar system installers in Lynn Haven.

Compass Solar Energy for Your Home

Compass Solar Energy has installed solar systems in and around Lynn Haven for more than two decades. With their products, you can save on utility bills in several ways.

The company provides customized electric, water, and pool heating systems. They can help you to use solar panels to turn the natural light of the sun into power.

With your pool, for example, electric heat can prove costly. Compass Solar Energy can install a solar-powered pool heating system that will allow you to enjoy an extended swimming season. Best of all, the system will pay for itself over time.

The company also provides solar heating for water. Their solar water heating system does a great job of saving money for home and business owners. Once installed, you’ll have hot water for everyday use—without an everyday hot water bill.

Compass Solar Energy also installs solar battery backup systems. With a backup solar power battery, you can ensure that you have reliable, clean power year-round.

Compass Solar Energy for Commercial Properties

The company also provides commercial solar power services. For years, the company has worked with businesses and government agencies.

They’ve installed renewable energy systems for many kinds of enterprises. For example, they’ve installed solar energy systems for retail stores, schools, and data centers. They’ve also installed systems for local police departments, medical buildings, and properties for various levels of government.

Furthermore, Compass Solar Energy offers a massive benefit to organizations. The solar company can arrange for you to finance the installation. In some instances, they can structure financing to prevent organizations from incurring any upfront costs.

A Compass Solar Energy power system is a great way for organizations to reduce their environmental footprint. In addition to saving the environment with solar power, businesses can also enjoy phenomenal financial benefits with government tax incentives.

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