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Affordable Solar Services In Escambia County, Florida

We are Florida’s leading full-service solar installation company. When you call our team of expert technicians, we give you more than a service– we give you a lasting solution. 

Why Go Solar In Escambia? 

Take advantage of the Sunshine State’s namesake by turning Escambia’s endless sunshine into energy for your property. There is no shortage of reasons why you should join the thousands of other Floridians switching to solar. 

Installing solar panels on your residential or commercial property is a sleek, low-risk investment with a massive reward for your wallet and our planet. Here’s why: 

Renewable, Clean Energy 

By reducing the need for oil, natural gas, and coal to produce electricity, solar power continues to solidify its reputation as a pure renewable energy source that is not only 100 percent clean but also affordable. Pollution-free and limitlessly available, a solar panel system is an investment not only in yourself but also in your planet.

Control and Freedom 

Our systems provide your home with round-the-clock energy. When you call our solar panel experts to work on your home, you take the first step toward energy independence. Our panels give you peace of mind and energy security in instances of a power outage, or when a Florida storm strikes. Free yourself from the uncertainty and expense of refueling a gas-powered generator with solar power. 

Increase Property Value 

As Escambia electricity prices continue to rise, investing in solar panels can have a massive payoff when deciding to put your property on the market. Because Florida has over 240 days of sunshine a year, new home buyers will pay at a premium to invest in a residence with preexisting Florida Solar Panels. 

Start Saving On Your Energy Bill

Investing in solar can offer a huge return. At Compass Solar, we make sure you know the benefits before investing by providing a life cycle cost analysis for your new solar system. Our team also ensures your solar system integrates seamlessly with your existing systems to save you time and stress. 

Powering The Panhandle With A Local Touch

Compass Solar has been a frontline provider of solar design and installation services since 1998. Our successful track record is supported by our adherence to regulations set by federal, state, and local government agencies, and our commitment to quality. 

Since forming in Northwest Florida more than 20 years ago, we are now proud to serve cities all across the panhandle. No matter how big we become, we remain dedicated to providing a caring and individualized service. 

Power Your Escambia Property With Compass Solar


There is no time like now to generate energy on your roof and bring cash to your wallet with Compass Solar’s state-of-the-art systems. Still skeptical? Request an obligation free quote and start your journey to impeccable design, incentive procurement, and lifetime support. 

Escambia Loves Compass

We are proud to create lasting bonds with our thousands of happy customers. Here are what a few of them have to say about the quality of Compass Solar’s systems and service. 

"Best experience I have ever had with a company. The agent came to our home and explained everything in detail without feeling like he was “selling” us a product. The work crew that installed the panels were excellent and right on time. The office staff communicated by email the process and updates. The only hold up was from the local power company. Thankfully the system is up and running and generating more energy than we can use!"
Jeffery Johns

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