Common Problems with Solar Panels

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Compass Solar is a leading solar energy provider, with a highly experienced service department that specializes in solar panel installation, maintenance and repair. Their team of certified technicians are ready to help customers with any issues they may have. In this article we will discuss some of the most common problems with solar panels, and how Compass Solar’s service department can help solve them.

One of the most common problems associated with solar panels is the accumulation of dust and dirt on their surfaces. This can reduce their efficiency and even cause damage over time. Fortunately, Compass Solar’s service team is equipped to handle this issue quickly and efficiently. They have specialized cleaning equipment to safely remove dirt from the surface of your solar panels without damaging them or causing additional wear and tear. Furthermore, their technicians are trained to identify other causes for reduced efficiency such as malfunctioning parts or improper installation.

Another frequent problem that can affect solar panel performance is shading caused by nearby trees or buildings. Shading reduces the amount of sunlight that reaches your panels, so it’s important to make sure they are placed in an area where they won’t be shaded during peak hours throughout the day. If your system has been subjected to inadequate shading, Compass Solar will send a technician out to inspect your installation and recommend possible solutions that could reduce its impact on your system’s performance.

The risk of electrical wiring issues can also be a major concern for many homeowners who choose solar power systems for their homes. Poorly installed electrical wiring can create dangerous conditions and significantly reduce the life expectancy of your system as well as leading to costly repairs down the line. Compas Solar’s qualified electricians use only high-quality materials when installing or repairing electrical systems connected to PV installations, ensuring safe operation for years to come.

In addition to these more common issues, Compass Solar also offers services for addressing less frequent problems such as bird nesting or rodent infestations in PV modules or inverter failures due to lightning strikes or other power surges from outside sources. These instances usually require professional attention from qualified technicians like those at Compass Solar in order to fix them properly – something that cannot be done by DIY methods alone!

Finally, it is worth noting that while some kind of maintenance plan should always be included in any PV system installation contract (including regular cleaning), it is ultimately up to each customer whether they wish to engage professional assistance beyond this point or not – something which Compass Solar always encourages if you do want peace of mind about the ongoing health of your system going forward! They offer a variety of different plans tailored specifically for residential customers depending on their individual needs; ranging from basic annual check-ups all the way up full maintenance packages with 24hr emergency call out services included too!

Overall then, regardless of whether you need someone just take a look at your current setup or if you require full repair work carried out following any kind of unexpected incident affecting its performance – Compass Solar has everything required under one roof in order for you rest easy knowing all eventualities have been taken care off!