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Solar Seasonal Pool Heating – Air Temperature and Solar Radiation

Solar pool heating collectors are designed from different climate zones to maximize heat from the outside air temperature or from direct solar radiation during the day.

Some solar collectors like the Heliocol, SunStar or FAFCO SunSaver ST are designed like car radiators as they allow the air to flow through the loose tubes or gaps between each collector tube.  They are primarily designed to pick up heat from the air in warm climate zones like Hawaii, Southern California and South Florida.  These collectors heat extremely well when the outside air temperatures are above 90° F. However, from March 15 to May 15 and from September 21 to November 21, when these loose tube collectors are trying to heat to 85° F and the daily air temperature averages 75° F in Pensacola, Panama City, Fort Walton Beach and everywhere else in Northwest Florida, the performance is less than half the amount of heat delivered by an Ultrasun or Ultraswim pool heating system.

The point is that on the days your pool needs heat the most, Ultrasun and Ultraswim deliver up to 200% more heat than Heliocol.  Plus, Ultrasun and Ultraswim continue to perform, even when the temperature drops to 49° F or when it is cloudy!