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Is Solar Energy Affordable?


The truth is — you are already affording it. If you currently spend $200 each month ($2400) a year or $24,000 over the next 10 years and factor in a conservative yearly increase of 4.5% (national average based on PUC-public utilities commission), you will have spent $35,677 with absolutely no return on your dollars.


A quality solar electric system will generate an 8-16% return on investment (ROI) without accounting for the projected annual rise in energy rates of 4.5% to 6%. This means that the solar electric system will pay for itself, in most cases, within 10 years. Best of all, the return is tax free. A comparable investment needs to return 16%-20% to compete with the return on investment for solar due to taxes. A traditional bank account has an approximate 1 – 2% ROI and the stock market has an average 10% ROI. These do not come close to solar’s 8-16% tax-free return on investment. Risk free, tax free, where would you rather invest your money?