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Grid-Tied Solar Battery Backup System vs Off-Grid Solar Battery System

Posted on Apr 24, 2014

Grid-Tied Solar Battery Backup This type of system is connected to the electrical grid and will provide emergency power for your home in the event of an outage. The batteries are charged when the grid is online, and when the system detects a loss of power, it kicks on and begins providing solar energy to CONTINUE READING »

Battery Systems

Posted on Apr 16, 2014

Northwest Florida residents are no strangers to bad weather.  Hurricanes and heavy thunderstorms are an annual occurrence, and can leave Pensacola, Destin, and Panama City area homeowners without power for extended periods of time.  Some homes and businesses get by with gasoline or natural gas-powered generators for emergencies, but these machines are often unreliable, have CONTINUE READING »

Five good reasons for using solar pool heating

Posted on Feb 26, 2014

Here in Northwest Florida we are getting ready for fun in the sun.  If you had a solar pool heater you could be enjoying your pool now!  Here are five good reasons for using solar pool heating to heat your pool. 1.  Solar saves on pool heating costs – Energy costs continue to rise.  On the CONTINUE READING »

USDA Renewable Energy Grant Program

Posted on Feb 18, 2014

The USDA Rural Energy for America Program (REAP) is offering Guaranteed Loans, Grants and combination Grant/Guaranteed Loans to help agricultural producers and rural small businesses take advantage of renewable energy. The grant will pay for 25% of the total eligible renewable energy project costs.  If financing is necessary, the guaranteed loan will finance up to CONTINUE READING »

Shout Out For Solar Day

Posted on Jan 27, 2014

Compass Solar Energy participated in the National Shout Out For Solar Day.  Check out some pictures of some of our employees showing their solar love!      

Northwest Florida Can’t Get Enough Solar!

Posted on Dec 12, 2013

Compass Solar Energy crews are finishing up three more Northwest Florida solar electric installations this week!  

Solar homes sell faster

Posted on Dec 5, 2013

A detailed study by National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) showed that solar homes sold 20% faster, and for 17% more than homes without solar. View a copy of the Study here. Properties with solar already installed provide a major sales point for realtors especially in the current market situation with a large supply of properties CONTINUE READING »

Compass Solar crews working in Pace and Navarre

Posted on Dec 2, 2013

Our solar installation crews are hard at work today.  Check out our residential solar work in progress on Thistledown Court in Pace, FL.  Compass Solar Energy is installing a Canadian Solar 5 kW solar electric system with Enphase Microinverters.                         Compass Solar also has a CONTINUE READING »

Solar and Wind Power Now Cheaper than Coal

Posted on Nov 18, 2013

 The National Resources Defense Council recently reported on a study published in the Journal of Environmental Studies and Sciences that found that using solar and wind power is now cheaper than using coal.  If we factor in the increasing health and environmental problems that are being caused by the burning of fossil fuel, we find that CONTINUE READING »

US Solar Growth Driven By Middle-Class Americans

Posted on Oct 28, 2013

One of the most common solar-related myths out there is that it’s mostly just  the rich who are going solar. We’ve seen indication in the past that this stereotype was not  true. However, a study just released by the Center for American Progress (CAP)  is certainly the most recent and most comprehensive study on the CONTINUE READING »